Best Ways to Get Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

 Best Ways to Get Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

Best Ways to Get Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

There are many methods spread on the Internet and websites to explain obtaining codes to unlock the Samsung lock.

but many of them do not work and most of the methods described for the codes to unlock the Samsung lock do not work or have expired and become outdated.

Many users of Samsung Galaxy phones have become concerned about the problem of locking the phone, and there are many companies that provide a service to obtain codes to unlock the Samsung phone.

but it is paid and expensive, and most people are looking for simple things.

non-programmatic ways to unlock their phones without paying any amounts to companies such as Samsung and others.

There is a very important note that you should know and confirm before it is too late and regret. There are many companies.

 as we said previously, that offer the service of obtaining unlock codes for Samsung, but most of them do not work and some sell them for high amounts.

Get Free Samsung Unlock Codes 

while many people or through your search on the Internet find ways to provide unlock codes Free and without cost as we will show you the best 3 ways to get free codes and an easy way to unlock your Samsung.

When you buy some of these codes and use them to unlock your Samsung phone without research and in-depth research, most of these codes delete your old phone data, and the first loser after that is you.

Now in this article, we are going to recommend and introduce you to the 3 best ways to unlock your Samsung phone without cost and completely free of charge.

 All you have to do is follow the steps and perform them properly to unlock your Samsung phone. In addition, we will show you a way to recover all your old data that may have been deleted.

The 3 most powerful ways to get Samsung unlock codes

And now, in this explanation, we will present to you the best and easiest 3 simple and personally tested methods at no cost and in a few minutes to get your Samsung Galaxy phone unlocked. The best of these methods are as follows:

1 / Get free Samsung unlock codes with your network provider on your phone

As I told you earlier, there are many methods that offer codes, whether paid or free, to unlock your Samsung phone, but make sure that in the following we will present you the most famous and best 3 methods that work without complex software and have been personally tested.

Now, with simple steps, I will teach you one of the best ways to unlock your Samsung phone without losing any dollar from your pocket, and this method is considered one of the best free ways.

but first you must be sure that your network provider has been used by you and even a SIM card has been used before.

Below is an illustration with four simple steps to solve your Samsung phone locked issue. Let's get to know him:

Step 1:

Press *#06# on each phone to get the unique IMEI number as shown in the image below.

Best Ways to Get Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

The second step

Keep your phone model somewhere to remember it while it tells you to enter it. When connected to the network provider.

Step 3

It is a very simple and easy step. All you have to do in this step is request a signed contract, and the important thing must be expired from the company or when calling the number above.

the last step

You can go to your network provider in the designated place according to your place of residence, or you can communicate with them without moving to them in a simple step.

which is to communicate with them, whether by any number or your number, or you can even communicate with them via your e-mail only.

2 / Using unlock code generators you can unlock your Samsung phone

This is the second way to obtain unlock codes for Samsung at the top. We explained with you a way to unlock the lock. It was a simple and easy way without complications, programs, or even programming.

In this second method, we will also give you a simple and easy explanation to unlock the Samsung phone without any cost, as we said, and it is a completely free method. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

This is the most common method on the Internet or even in fact, it is the most searched and popular method. By using unlock generators, you can solve the Samsung code lock problem.

There are many sites on the internet where you can download unlock generators from them without any cost and they are totally free.

While you can solve the problem of locking the Samsung Galaxy without downloading the unlock generators, of course, it depends on the reason or the problem that you use for that.

And now below is an illustration showing the process of downloading unlock generators to get the appropriate codes using the World Unlock Code Calculator:

Step 1:

As usual and as mentioned above, the first thing you should always do is dial *#06# to get your IMEI number.

Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

Step 2:

As indicated in the title, you must enter the code generators from the program through the World Unlock Codes Calculator.

After entering, you must save the model of your phone that you extracted from the first step in any place that gives you after that a box to enter your phone model.

 After entering it, click on the word Calculate as it is It is shown in the image below, and you have to wait for a few minutes to generate the codes that match your phone model.

 That's all. The image below explains everything:

Free Samsung Unlock Codes 2023

the last step

In this last step of the second method, after waiting for a few minutes and getting the unique code to unlock Samsung, all you have to do is take this code and use it to unlock your Samsung device or phone easily.

3/ Search for symbols on websites or services that offer it for free

There are many sites on the Internet or even pages on social media that offer the service of obtaining codes to unlock the Samsung Galaxy phone.

But as I have tried these methods and also these methods have been tried by many users, there are many people complaining about them.

This method is not considered the best. I advise you with the methods that I explained above, as they are safe and do not affect the phone's data.

Although it is not widespread and many of them do not provide these services, I mean phone unlocking services for Samsung, and even if you find someone who offers that for a small amount.

you must first confirm and inquire by the people who dealt with this person or any site that provides this service and then they can use it.

Extra free tip to unlock Samsung without codes

Free Samsung Unlock Codes

You can use the unlocking method using the codes in an easy and simple way, but this must be done carefully and as shown in the explanation above.

There is also a program to unlock your Samsung phone. It is a very wonderful program and its explanation is simple.

All you have to do is download this program with a direct link at the bottom of this article. The program is designed by the great dr.fone.

If you do not want to use the codes to unlock your Samsung phone, you can download the dr.fone program for free in the link below for free.

To download Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android), click here

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