Realme c33 is the best phone I have tried for less than $110!! Great design‼️

 Realme c33 is the best phone I have tried for less than $110!! Great design‼️

Realme c33 is the best phone I have tried for less than $110!! Great design‼️

The Realme C33 phone is considered one of the best new phones for Realme, a new phone in the market that is distinguished by its attractive shape and is characterized by a more than wonderful design.

In this article, we will talk about all the specifications of the Realme c33 phone, including the advantages and disadvantages of the phone, in addition to the price of the phone and all the colors that distinguish the Realme c33 phone.

versions realme c33

The Realme C33 phone is currently distinguished by two distinct versions, which we will get to know.

versions 1

The first version features 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigs of storage, its price is about $90 to $100.

versions 2

The second version features 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM, its price is about $ 100 to $ 140.

Realme c33 colors

The Realme C33 phone is currently available in 3 distinctive colors that make the phone more attractive and beautiful.

What are the colors of the Realme C33 that are currently available for the phone?

Realme c33 black

This black color is completely different from the black colors of other phones. It is characterized by a very good color, like the color of the night sky, with some sparkles in the form of stars.

realme c33 green

This green color is distinguished by a very wonderful beauty, which added to the phone a very attractive and comfortable shape for the user.

This green color comes in the Realme phone, with the best colors in the phones. It is characterized by a light green color, as if it were a reflection of water.

Realme c33 silver

This golden color is considered the best color among the other colors. It gives a very beautiful shape similar to the iPhone.

Realme c33 specifications

The Realme C33 phone has many specifications that we will mention to you.

Dimensions and structure of the device

  • Length 164.2 mm
  • Width is about 75.5 mm
  • The thickness of the phone is 8.3 mm
  • The weight of the phone is about 187 grams
  • The back and side frame of the phone are made of hard plastic

networks and sectors

The Realme C33 supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks

Also supports GPRS and EDGE

Realme c33 phone screen

  • The screen size is 6.5 inches
  • The phone screen has a resolution of 1600 * 720 pixels
  • The screen ratio of the phone is 82.1 percent
  • The pixel density of the phone comes with 207 pixels per h
  • The maximum screen brightness is 400 lumens

Realme c33 phone defects

There are not many defects for the Realme C33 phone. There are one or two defects that we will mention.

  • The first drawback is that it does not support the flash in the selfie camera.
  • The second drawback is that it does not support NFC technology in communications

This was all about the Realme C33 phone, advantages and disadvantages. We hope that you liked the explanation. Do not forget to follow our website to receive new notifications from us.
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