Learn about the most important features of the new Clips to Reels on Facebook?

Learn about the most important features of the new Clips to Reels on Facebook?

Latest Facebook Updates Learn about the "Clips to Reels" feature for all Partners and Content Creators of the Level Up Program

Short videos are becoming increasingly popular as an important way for content creators to connect with their audiences and fuel their growth. Reels are one of the best ways to get new viewers through Facebook, and now, creating 60-second reels from your Facebook Gaming content is about to get even easier.

In June, Facebook announced the launch of Clips to Reels, a new feature that allows Facebook gaming video creators to turn gameplay clips into reels. This benefit is available to all Partners and Level Up content creators.

What is the new Clips to Reels feature on Facebook?

With these editing tools, this feature allows content creators to use easy-to-use tools to turn existing live videos into reels.

How does Facebook's new Clips to Reels feature work?

This new feature now allows content creators to easily trim their gameplay clips to fit the 60-second vertical format of Rails clips.

The new Clips to Reels feature will allow creators to curate and share highlights from clips and VODs within their Creator Studio clip library with a streamlined process.

How to share clips on reels in this new Clips to Reels feature

Fortunately, it is not difficult to convert your clips into easily shareable Rails clips on this feature Clips to Reels .

All you have to do is go to the Creator Studio portal on your computer, go to the Clips category in the File Management section, and then choose the clip you want to convert.

You can now select Create Rails Clip from the dropdown menu, trim it to fit the length requirements for your Rails clips, and crop portions of the video to include footage where your main gameplay takes place along with your face cam.

The role of the new tool in Facebook Clips to Reels

The tool will do the rest of the work required to fit the proper layout of the Rails parts.

When you're done, you just have to go to the Share tab to preview your Rails clip, add a caption, include hashtags, and publish it directly to your page.

If you want to add stickers, music, or GIFs, you can download your completed Rails clip and then upload it back to Instagram and Facebook to use the creative tools in each app.

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