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TikTok Counter: 8 Things You Didn't Know About the TikTok Counter

 TikTok Counter: 8 Things You Didn't Know About the TikTok Counter

TikTok Counter

How many times has your TikTok counter been reset? Do you even know what that means? Do you know where this mysterious number comes from? Read on to learn eight things you didn’t know about the TikTok counter!

1) Did you know there are several different versions of TikTok?

You may know that TikTok is a social media app, but did you know there are three different versions of TikTok? The first version is called, TikTok for Apple devices. This version can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The second version is Tik Tok for Windows 10. This version is available for download on Microsoft's operating system through their app store.

2) Is there more than one app that works like Kuaishou?

No, Kuaishou is the only app that currently works like this. There are other video streaming apps out there with similar features, but not all of them work in a counter-style and none of them are strictly for live footage. Tik Tok is a Facebook-owned subsidiary of Kuaishou, which means that any new features and improvements made to Tik Tok will also be available on Kuaishou.

3) What is Tagota?

Tagota is a new service that takes care of tracking your followers, comments, and likes for you. They do all the work so you don't have to! Tagota will find people who like what you post and reach out to them. Their technology finds your new potential fans and message them until they respond. You can also see how much it would cost if Tagota were to tweet for you or comment on a post of yours.

4) What about Kuai Bao?

Kuai Bao has a ton of similarities to Tik Tok. It's essentially the Chinese version of, with user created music videos, lip sync and similar editing features. There are also a lot of filters you can use to tweak videos, which is really helpful in terms of thinking about what you want your final product to look like! But there are some differences between Kuai Bao and Tik Tok too.

5) How does ZhuZhuBao compare to others?

ZhuZhuBao is different than other apps because it is designed for audiences of all ages and does not have chat features. Additionally, ZhuZhuBao does not collect data from users, as opposed to other social media platforms that require a person's location and photos to use.

6) Are Douyin videos viewable outside China?

Video uploads are limited to less than 20 seconds on Douyin, and users must register with their real names. This can discourage people from uploading videos of unsafe or offensive content as they will be easily identifiable by family, friends, and employers.

When viewing a video it is easy to see what other videos they have uploaded, making it easier for them to find new viewers.

7) Can a video on QQ Music be viewed on DeYou?

I tried looking for my friend's video on QQ Music but was not able to find it. I am in China and he is in America so I think this might be a deal breaker for me. I can also only watch 15 seconds of videos on DeYou before they cut off. If I wanted to do it, maybe they will add more features? Maybe someone should tell them!

8) Does every Chinese smartphone have Douyin?

Whether it's intentional or not, Chinese smartphones have been steadily improving features over the past few years. One of these is just that TikTok counters are standard on most phones, including Huawei phones and Xiaomi models. This often times serves as an obstacle for Western companies attempting to get their product in China without access to internet service providers there; even with 3G/4G internet service, TikTok and all of its content will be blocked from playback if your phone does not have a working Douyin app.

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