UA-230749734-1 Google AdWords Everything you need to know and the most important features it offers

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Google AdWords Everything you need to know and the most important features it offers

Google AdWords Everything you need to know and the most important features it offers

Google AdWords Everything you need to know and the most important features it offers

Google Edwards Google AdWords as an online advertising broker is considered one of the world's best-known and best-known companies providing various advertising services to all parties in advertising operations around the world whether publishers - website owners, blogs, smartphone app owners, YouTube channels - or advertisers, merchants, and for-profit institutions - various service providers.

It should be noted that the technology giant Google Inc offers various types of online advertising services to all publishers and advertisers around the world through the world's two popular advertising programs, namely:

Google AdSense: Google AdSense is only a freeway that the Google giant offers to all online publishers, notably website owners, online shopkeepers, and bloggers, as well as owners of various smartphone apps as well as owners of different channels on the world's video giant "YouTube"; To generate huge profits from these websites and blogs by placing different advertisements that are often relevant to the nature of the content provided within those websites, blogs, and channels.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords: Concerning Google Edward, this program is provided by the Google giant to all service providers and service products around the world who want to market and promote their services or products to a wider audience and users around the world to achieve the highest sales rates and thus make enormous profits by launching online ads within various websites, blogs and YouTube channels that attract more audiences around the world.

In the previous article on the blog of the most popular e-commerce platform in the Arab world "Express Card", we talked about the first type of advertising services offered by the giant Google to all publishers around the world to help them make huge profits from their websites and blogs as well as their YouTube channels by displaying ads inside those websites. This type is Google Adsense.

During this article, we will talk about the second part of the advertising services offered by the technology giant Google to all service providers and products around the world, so that they can help with electronic marketing and promote those services and products more widely around the world and achieve the highest sales rates through lower payment and lower advertising cost. This type of advertising service is offered through Google AdWords.

Google AdWords

Google Edwards Google AdWords is one of the most important advertising services offered by the giant Google.Google Inc to product owners and service providers of different types and natures; To enable them to reach as many target audiences as possible via the Internet, which in turn helps to raise sales rates and demand for those services or products of any kind and thus increase profits quickly and effectively.

More clearly, Google Edwards Google AdWords is a program that helps customers find your business when they google the services or products you offer, and only pay when they click on the ad to visit your website or contact you.

Advantages of Google Edward

Google Edwards allows all advertisers from service enterprise owners, various product manufacturers, and all service providers of any kind around the world s services and products at the lowest possible cost through AdWords advertising, This means more profits and earnings in legitimate and easy ways by launching their ads on relevant websites and is the following

The most important and notable features of Google AdWords:

  • 1. All service providers around the world help to reach their target customers quickly, effectively, simplistically, and at the lowest possible cost.
  • 2.It provides all customers with multiple and different collections of Internet ads that bring them more spread in different ways, above all: Google Search Ads; Google Search Ads; Display AdsYouTube Ads Google Shopping Ads Google Play Store Ads
  • 3. Provide a different set of ways to enable the advertiser to reach the target audience.
  • 4.The advertiser shall be able to select the public to whom he wishes to reach and target accurately
  • 5..To make more of the Declaration's options available on the local or global scene; Google Edwards enables all advertisers to choose the strategy that suits them.
  • 6.The possibility of monitoring and monitoring the performance of advertisements of various kinds on the Internet; "Google Ads" allows advertisers to be informed of the number of users who view ads or visit the client's website.
  • 7.The possibility of testing advertisements before, during, and after their launch; We provide Google customers with all the details about the parts that are successful in advertising and those that are not doing well at all within the advertisement, which helps the advertiser to make amendments to the advertisement so that the desired desires are finally achieved.
  • 8.Provide more control options for the advertising budget by the advertiser; The advertiser can speed up the budget at any time even after the launch of the advertisements, as well as cancel and discontinue the advertisements at any time he wishes without any conditions, fees, or fines.
  • 9.As regards Google AdWords pricing policies, subscribing to the program is free of charge 100% as well as paying in the program for results, i.e. the advertiser only pays the giant Google any amount when the results are achieved (no visits, no fees).
  • 10.The program provides advertisers with different payment methods, first of all, three main methods, namely either by credit card, debit card, or bank payment.

How to sign up for Google Edward Google AdWord

We stated in the Google Edward Service Definition paragraph that subscribing to the program is open to all advertisers and service providers around the world, but subscribing to AdWords Services needs a number of simple steps for the service to be successfully activated. These steps are as follows: Simply create an account, select your budget, then type your first ad and select where you want the ad to appear, and you can always edit these details at a later date

Our Google Ads team will collaborate to make sure you set up your Google Ads account successfully and help you create your campaign at no additional cost when investing 180 Egyptian pounds every day or more.

The first 30 days are very important to know what works with your business and what doesn't, and we will guide you through each step


The Google giant is one of the most important, best and largest online advertising brokers, offering multiple and different advertising services on all Internet advertising channels. These services can benefit two key parties in the advertising process:First party (publisher )/which is intended here by the owners of popular websites, blogs and YouTube channels with high views and subscriptions, who can display various types of ads on their own sites and channels for an agreed fee. This party enables it to benefit from more ads displayed within its sites and channels by taking advantage of Google AdSense services.

The second party (advertiser )/The advertiser here means the owner of the product or service provider of all kinds who wishes to promote its services and products via the Internet The Google giant plays an important role in advertising on websites, online stores and blogs related to the nature of the product or service on behalf of the owner of the product or service by subscribing to Google AdWords.

During this article, we reviewed various advantages and characteristics of the advertising services offered by the online advertising giant Google for the second part of the advertising process, which is advertised through Google AdWords. We touched on the many advantages that AdWords offers to all service subscribers as well as the steps required to sign up for the program so that high-profit ratios can be achieved.